Ian Saunders Custom Saddles

Ian Saunders Custom Saddles

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Ian Saunders from Ian Saunders Custom Saddles makes a variety of different saddle types to suit customers varied disciplines. 

From station work and campdrafting to reining and cutting, all saddles have been designed to give both horse and rider maximum comfort and freedom. 

His latest addition to his saddle range is the Dove Special which is a cross between a swinging fender stock saddle and a cutting saddle. This saddle is proving to be very popular as a general work saddle as well as a competition saddle.

We also stock a variety of saddlery items - Don Orrell Stirrups, Professionals' Choice Products as well as handmade tack items.

Please browse through our website to learn more about the different options available, and if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

If English is your discipline...

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Professional's Choice 

Saddle Pads



All our swinging fender stock saddles are built on trees with stirrup bars unless otherwise requested. They are made on a composite moulded tree or can be customized on a wood/fibreglass tree.

The fender saddles come with three seat options:

• a hard seat,

• an inlay seat which is designed with a soft layer under your pin bones

• or a full soft seat version.


The Dove Special is a cross between a swinging fender saddle and a cutting saddle, with a specially designed pocket in the seat which supports the rider. It also has stirrup bars to allow plenty of movement.

The tree has excellent weight distribution and allows maximum shoulder movement for the horse.


Our reining saddles are designed to be:

· Comfortable for both horse and rider

· Support the rider during manoeuvres particularly the spins and the   stops

· Be a good fit on the horses back and allow freedom of movement   for the horse.



The cutting saddle is designed with four main principles:  

For the rider:

  • to provide a flat spot in the back of the pocket for getting stopped
  • to lay the riders leg so that their toes are turned without effort  and to keep you knees out of the way for the rollback.
For the horse:
  •  it allows plenty of freedom for the shoulder movement
  •  the tree has excellent weight distribution and is well balanced on the horses back.
Don Orrell Wooden Offset stirrups with reining logo

Offset Stirrups

For those with knee and hip problems

Don Orrell wooden offset stirrups
Don Orrell Wooden 3" flat bottom stirrups with reining logo

For the Reining Enthusiast

reining logo on stirrups

How great do these new stirrups look? 

So Comfortable to ride in

so be quick!!!

These beautiful comfortable stirrups are available with your choice of logo. Choose your sport or maybe your brand.

These ones have just arrived.

Don Orrell Wooden Rancher stirrups with Campdraft logo
Campdraft logo for wooden stirrups

For the Campdrafter

Don Orrell Wooden stirrups

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